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These are Pyre Phone’s de-Googled phones! This is one of the best steps you can take for your privacy.
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Why We Use Refurbished Phones
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  • /e/ operating system , Samsung

    /e/ De-Googled Phone

    /e/ OS de-Googled phone aimed at user-friendliness and compatibility. It will work with most apps, and many types of phones. /e/ is based on LineageOS, which also covers a wide variety of phones beyond the Pixel. If you have a phone you want to keep, or really want a Samsung, /e/ or Lineage are your best options. We recommend Graphene …

  • Customisable , Graphene operating system

    Graphene De-Googled Phone

    This is our most recommended de-Googled phone. It’s the most secure and private available right now, and has great app compatibility with their optional sandboxed Google Play Services. If you’ve used Android before, you will be comfortable using GrapheneOS.

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  • Customisable

    Privacy Laptop

    Fast and private laptop running Linux. Works almost like any other computer, but doesn’t collect and use your data for profit.

  • /e/ operating system , Calyx operating system

    Send Your Own Device

    Got a phone already? Make sure it’s compatible, and you can send it to us to flash for you.