Calyx De-Googled Phone


CalyxOS de-googled phones feature a great balance of privacy, security, and compatibility. Easy to use because it comes bundled with some good privacy apps and the app stores F-Droid and Aurora Store. Right now, we recommend Graphene over Calyx, but it’s still a fantastic operating system.

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Calyx is a de-googled phone operating system for pixel phones which prioritises security and privacy, but not at the expense of convenience. Calyx comes with the option to enable Micro-G, which means you can use apps that rely on Google services to their full potential. Unlike stock android/IOS the information Google gets from these apps is non-personal as there is no Google ID to connect the random data to. There’s also full access to gestures and fully customisable look and feel.

There are privacy & security focused applications already installed such as Signal, the tor browser, F-Droid and the Aurora Store. Users are equipped by default with some powerful privacy tools and the ability to get the other apps they need.

Where apps dependent on Google services are required, Calyx is a great de-googled phone option that gives more security and privacy than most other custom ROMs (mobile operating systems).

Pros and Cons:
+ Great default de-googled apps that improve privacy and convenience
+ More security and privacy than most other custom ROMs
-/+ Prioritises usability and app compatibility over latest security features at times

Estimated delivery 1-2 weeks (within Australia).

Cash Option – For greater privacy, send cash to PO Box detailed below.

Pyre Phone
PO Box 5254
Maroochydore BC QLD 4558

Write return address, the model of phone, and the operating system you want on a piece of paper.

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