/e/ De-Googled Phone


/e/ de-Googled phone aimed at user-friendliness and compatibility. It will work with most apps, and is currently the best option available for Samsung devices.

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The e phone or /e/ Operating System (/e/ OS) is a de-googled phone aimed at user friendliness and compatibility. It comes with Micro-G installed, which means popular android apps work. Unlike stock android/IOS the information Google gets from these apps is non-personal as there is no Google ID to connect the random data to.

The open source /e/ OS comes with helpful apps installed like navigation, music, browser, calendar, calculator, messaging, file manager, weather, clock and a combined app store where you can download any free app found on the stock android play store. The /e/ phone even offers their own version of services that Google offers, such as cloud storage. The interface is very similar to iPhone & stock android so if you’re used to these OS’s you’ll feel comfortable on /e/.

For a Samsung device, this is the best option, as /e/ has continuing support and software updates.

Pros and Cons:
+ Works with a large number of Android phones
+ Comfortable de-googled experience for android/IOS users
– Some default apps require an /e/ account to function (just download another notes app)
– Usability and compatibility have been prioritised over security (compared to CalyxOS or GrapheneOS)

Estimated delivery 1-2 weeks (within Australia).

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