/e/ De-Googled Phone


/e/ OS de-Googled phone aimed at user-friendliness and compatibility. It will work with most apps, and many types of phones. /e/ is based on LineageOS, which also covers a wide variety of phones beyond the Pixel. If you have a phone you want to keep, or really want a Samsung, /e/ or Lineage are your best options. We recommend Graphene over /e/ or Lineage right now, but if buying a Pixel isn’t an option, this is a great operating system that is far more private than regular Android or iOS.

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The e phone or /e/ Operating System (/e/ OS) is a de-googled phone aimed at user friendliness and compatibility. It comes with Micro-G installed, which means popular android apps work. Unlike stock Android/iOS the information Google gets from these apps is non-personal as there is no Google ID to connect the random data to.

The open source /e/ OS comes with helpful apps installed like navigation, music, browser, calendar, calculator, messaging, file manager, weather, clock and a combined app store where you can download any free app found on the stock android play store. The /e/ phone even offers their own version of services that Google offers, such as cloud storage. The interface is very similar to iPhone & stock android so if you’re used to these OS’s you’ll feel comfortable on /e/.

For a Samsung device, this is the best option, as /e/ has continuing support and software updates.

* The e logo is a registered trademark of e Foundation
* Pyre Phone is not related to e.foundation or ECORP SAS

Pros and Cons:
+ Works with a large number of Android phones
+ Comfortable de-googled experience for android/IOS users
– Some default apps require an /e/ account to function (just download another notes app)
– Usability and compatibility have been prioritised over security (compared to CalyxOS or GrapheneOS)

Estimated delivery 1-2 weeks (within Australia).

Cash Option – For greater privacy, send cash to PO Box detailed below.

Pyre Phone
PO Box 5254
Maroochydore BC QLD 4558

Write return address, the model of phone, and the operating system you want on a piece of paper.

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