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Fast and private laptop running Linux. Works almost like any other computer, but doesn’t collect and use your data for profit.

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Computers running Linux are far more private than Windows or Mac computers. They don’t have all the in-built trackers and monitoring that help big tech target you with ads, and that leaves more computer power for the actual user of the device.

Might require some patience at times to get used to different ways of doing things, such as using an app store to install the apps you use. Some apps don’t have Linux versions, so make sure to do some research on the apps you use frequently to ensure they have a Linux version, a way to run them anyway, or an alternative program you can use instead. Everything we use at Pyre Phone runs on Linux, so it’s possible to run a business with it.

Read more about Linux here

Laptops come installed with Pop!OS installed by default, but you can request any other distribution you’d like installed.

Although great care is taken to give you a quality device, our laptops are used, and may have some marks on the body and minor marks on the screen.

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Laptop Model

Thinkpad T460S

New Battery Installed

Yes, No