Based in Australia and operating worldwide, Pyre Phone is a solution to a problem that has been haunting nearly everyone with a smart phone for the last decade. Reading about the true use of smart phones and other online technology services in works like The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, I became increasingly concerned with the trustworthiness of my devices.

Knowing that they are constantly collating and sending my data to the powers of Google in the case of my phone, and Apple in the case of my laptop, I felt uneasy carrying my Big Brother surveillance equipment around with me. There had to be a way of enjoying the benefits of a smartphone and laptop without allowing companies to exploit my behaviour.

Searching online, I found that there was a way to install android on a phone without all the Google surveillance extras, and that this was known as “De-Googling” your device. I jumped at the chance, and before long, I was rocking Lineage OS on my phone, /e/ on another and feeling so much more at ease carrying it on my person. As with many problems and their solutions, a problem for one is very often a problem for others. With a background in security I decided to see if others shared my preference for a different digital future.

As for the laptop, there’s not a lot you can do to De-Apple newer Apple devices, but you can install Linux on a Windows machine.

And so, Pyre Phone was created. Hopefully, there is some useful information here that will aid someone in staying more private and safe online. Read some articles, maybe learn how to De-Google your phone yourself, send your compatible phone to us, or buy one already set up.

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