Graphene De-Googled Phone


This is our most recommended mobile operating system. It’s the most secure and private available right now, and has great app compatibility with their optional sandboxed Google Play Services. Graphene took the base Android Open Source Project, and prioritised security and privacy above all else. If you’ve used Android before, you will be comfortable using Graphene OS.

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This is the most secure and private mobile operating system available right now. Graphene took the base Android Open Source Project, and prioritised security above all else, at the cost of some minor creature comforts. Graphene has been improved recently to be more compatible with apps that rely on Google services with their Sandboxed Google Play Services, making it the operating system we most recommend.

There is no included app store, so users need to manually download and install F-Droid to access new apps for their phone. Within F-Droid, is the Aurora Store, which is a private Google Play Store, where you can download all of the free apps on Google Play anonymously. It’s recommended that you get as much as you can from F-Droid, and whatever you can’t find on there you get from Aurora Store.

Most of the regular Android features are present, and if you’ve used Android before, you will be comfortable using Graphene. The sacrifices necessary to make Graphene as secure and private as it is mostly involve compatibility with popular apps that rely on Google services.

As the majority of the project’s work has been dedicated to hardening the security of Android, many of Graphene’s security developments have been added to the stock Android Project. Graphene OS has no support for any Google services, meaning some Google-dependent apps will not work properly or at all. The ROM is also missing some of the gesture controls and customisability found in other ROMs.

Often companies will have a mobile version of their website that has the same functionality as their app, which can still be used from the safety of Graphene’s security-hardened browser. This means that there are often workarounds for the incompatibilities with some apps. Incompatible apps should be carefully considered as to whether they should be installed, or used at all.

The project only supports devices that meet the strict hardware security requirements, which means only newer Pixel devices are supported at the moment. Ironically, upon removal of Google, combined with some security hardening, Pixel devices are among the most secure and private phones available.

Pros and Cons:
+ One of the most private and secure phones you can get
+ Feels like a good, familiar Android smartphone
– Setup can be a little bit complicated

Estimated delivery 1-2 weeks (within Australia).

Cash Option – For greater privacy, send cash to PO Box detailed below.

Pyre Phone
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Maroochydore BC QLD 4558

Write return address, the model of phone, and the operating system you want on a piece of paper.

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